One thought on “DLP Manifesto 2013

  1. Shammua Mekonnen aka Colin Roach

    This manifesto speaks well of the intentions of our reresentatives for the wider Barbados, i endorse it. However, the Law Reform section of the manifesto when it is implimented, shall be under the Peoples Empowerment Council’s microscope. Non of the Attorney Generals of Barbados, never had the best interest of the actual people at heart, they were all more concern with protecting the Corporate Ward State. The present Attorney General and his predecessors, up hold and defended the detention murder of one too many males in police custody. The abolishment of the jury from the Coroner’s inquest speaks for itself.

    Our representatives need to understand that, though the flesh and blood people have placed their X voting them in to represent our interest, it gave them (the representatives) no right to high jack the society and determine that we the people don’t need to be consulted first, before making decisions with respect to our well being.

    The Attorney General has done nothing for the masses in terms of his judicial responsibilities to the people. He has made it clear that he shall stand by the office of the police force, period, as the son of a former police officer. For these reason, the present attorney general should step down or, be transferred to another ministry. He is biased, prejudice and therefore not suitable for the job of Attorney General.

    Under all of the Attorney Generals of Barbados’ watch, they have allowed members of the justice system to man handle, abuse, discriminate and violate the natural rights of the people, whos rights are suppose to be protected by the Barbados Constitution. The present Attorney General response to no accusations by the masses, as he believes that we are not worthy of his response.

    Mr. Attorney General, how do you address this accusation?

    Shammua Mekonnen a.k.a. Colin Roach


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