60th annual conference

Celebrating 60

60th annual conferenceTHIS weekend the members of the Democratic Labour Party will be meeting to start their 60th Annual Conference. The conference will be held over two weekends, commencing with the Gala at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday August 22 and the first business day on Sunday August 23, 2015.

On Wednesday August 26, the JamesTudor Institute of Politics will host a panel discussion at 7 p.m. at DLP Headquarters – The topic: “An Evolving Industrial Relations Climate in Barbados: The Way Forward”. The panellists for the discussion will include distinguished union and industrial relations practitioners in Barbados, H. E. Robert “Bobby” Morris and Dr. Akhentoolove Corbin; as well as the current Chair of the Employment Rights Tribunal, Attorney-at-Law Hal Gollop,Q.C. All are invited to be a part of this relevant and forward thinking discussion.

On Sunday August 30 the conference continues with the church service at 9 a.m. Bishop Wesley Dear and a worship team from the Covenant LifeTeaching Centre will join party members in the George Street Auditorium to deliver a powerful worship session and sermon.The conference will conclude with a gospel concert later in the evening.

One of the high points for the conference activities will be the delivery of the address by the Party President and Prime Minister, The Hon. Freundel Stuart Q.C., MP. For yet another year the Prime Minister has been returned unopposed to the position of Party President. His address will be delivered at 11 a.m. on Sunday August 30.

Over the three days of the conference our Party Leader will present 24 awards to longstanding members of the Democratic Labour Party.

A number of reports and resolutions will be discussed during the conference. Two reports will be done from the parliamentary group.These reports will be done by the Attorney General, The Hon.Adriel Brathwaite,Q.C.,MP on, “How the Office of the Attorney General and the Ministry of Home Affairs contribute to our way of life”. The second report will be delivered by Senator Dr. The Hon. Esther Byer, Minister of Labour and Social Security on,“The National Insurance and its Contribution to Society”. These reports will provide valuable insight into the work that this DLP administration continues to do as we create a Barbados which is socially balanced, environmentally sound, economically viable and characterised by good governance. These reports will be done on the first Sunday of the conference.

Resolutions will be a major part of this year’s conference as our party members discuss and share their views on new projects, programmes and policies critical to the development of Barbados.

One of the first resolutions to be discussed would be that to support the vision of our party leader to have Barbados transition to a republic system of government after 50 years of independence. This resolution is sure to generate lots of interest among party members as the Democratic Labour Party was the party which led Barbados to independence and contributed significantly to social and economic development which this country has experienced over the years. If there is any party that has the vision and confidence in the people of Barbados to attain full independence, it is the Democratic Labour Party.

Many of the resolutions will focus on the social challenges which we experience as a country as a natural part in the progress towards development. Two of these resolutions which will be piloted by the Young Democrats and the Women’s League of the party deal with the establishing of a National Youth Service programme as a means of positive developmental activities for young persons, who find themselves not currently engaged in school or working environment. The recent issues regarding child abuse and empowering the Child Care Board will also be discussed by our party members.

Some of the resolutions look at strengthening and giving impetus to entrepreneurship and small business development in Barbados,which has been identified as a major growth strategy for the country. The social and academic development of our children will also be dealt with as the party looks at the challenge which disorders such as dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder pose to our children; and strategies to implement timely diagnosis and intervention as well as the provision of social and counselling services within our primary school system.

As the party which forms the current government, it would be remiss of us not to take note of the work which our parliamentarians have been successfully doing in restructuring the economy of Barbados and bringing us through the economic challenges. We have sacrificed a lot as a party being responsible for manoeuvring the country through challenging economic times. Where we have done well, (and there are many instances where we have) these need to be acknowledged and celebrated. A number of resolutions have been put forward by our branches to take note of these impressive accomplishments.

We look forward to a successful 60th annual conference and we congratulate the annual conference committee, led by General Secretary George Pilgrim, for the hard work and planning which has been put into this event.