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NUPW Agrees To Sub-Committee Proposals

labour nupwThe Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development has been informed that the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) has accepted the proposals made at the Meeting of the Sub-Committee of the Social Partnership held July 14, 2015.

Labour Minister, Senator Dr. Esther Byer revealed today that an official letter dated July 23, was sent to her office by the General Secretary of the NUPW. The contents of the letter disclosed that having consulted with its constituents, the NUPW had agreed to the following:

(1) That the Barbados Investment & Development Corporation (BIDC) will not act on the correspondence which was given to workers over 60 years retiring them from the BIDC; (2) those workers will remain full employees of the Board and will receive all benefits due to them; and (3) the NUPW will meet with the BIDC as soon as the next day to discuss challenges facing the Corporation with full disclosure of the issues at the BIDC in an effort to settle matters in the shortest possible time.

Minister Byer urged the parties, “to spare no effort to meet and settle the matters in the shortest possible time”. She added that both she and the office of the Chief Labour Officer remained available to advise and/or conciliate should the need arise.

Dear Santia

How are you?
I read what the dailies reported in Parliament recently about the conditions existing in Barbados. According to media reports, while speaking on a resolution aimed at raising the profile of the anniversary date of the 1937 disturbances in the House of Assembly, you intimated that the conditions existing in 1937 are still present. The newspaper reported that the Opposition MP stressed “while a majority of the population believed that the country had made progress since the social uprising, poor social and working conditions of the labour class, inequality in society and the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, meant that conditions were favorable for fresh upheavals”.

I truly believe that your posture in debates are somewhat tainted when we can see the ideas of others germinating in your utterances. The reason I have penned this note to you revolves around your apparent shadowing of the leader. It is as if you are being groomed to take over from Cynthia, as the guardian of the gates. I really feel sad about your current political posture because I actually think you are brighter than Mia. If you just paused and took a cue from Lynette or Maria you would acknowledge a sense of independent intellect. However, your intellect seems absorbed in your quest to defend the indefensible. There is nothing wrong with supporting the leader, but surely by now you have recorded the fate of those that have gone before you.

The space which occupies your political geography is littered with your political colleagues demonstrating independence of thought. You have among your team members who are willing to allow the courts to settle internal political spats from all reports over the same indefensible. You have aspiring leaders. You have Owen loyalist and of course the Male Club from the East.

You see, the point I am making is of great importance. Look, I want to suggest that you should have a chat with Kerrie who was once a shadow of a former leader but has taken a lead in his own right. Kerrie is his own man and taking his own positions. There are so many examples which form part of your party’s history.

I raised the above to context the importance of independence of thought.  You possess greater intellect than the person that you show so much devoted loyalty, yet you seem to have surrendered your sovereignty of intellect by seeking to indulge the politics of Miaology. This country de serves a responsible opposition and as a young Member of Parliament you have that ability to deliver fresh ideas, if you would only step up.

However, I am hoping what was said recently, was not a true reflection of a member of Parliament who represents a constituency, in which there are areas with a profile of which you spoke…conditions favorable for fresh upheaval…

You exist in a space where there is upheaval among and between the opposition members. It appears from looking on, that you have three opposition leaders while nursing at least four factions within the small space.

You were at the meeting where she accused the Government of defaulting on a loan payment. I knew you believed her then as did a number of people. I know you recognized how damaging it was to the reputation of Barbados. I know that you were equally in shock when the Ministerial Statement was read and all of Barbados was alerted that is was indeed an untruth. Do you now understand why I am concerned for you?

All of the above present an opportunity to shine as the future. I implore you to raise the bar and engage in real political intellect and not submerge yourself in a future relationship which is defined by attempts to create narratives that could one day banish you to the backwater of Barbadian politics. Santia .. in closing I do care.

PS I have enclosed my contact details.

Loving Admirer,